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KEOS CULTURE is a nonprofit initiative that promotes social and cultural innovation in Kea island. Our mission is to make Kea the island of life and art and therefore an exemplary paradigm of a better place to live and visit.

Bringing Locals, Artists, Academics and Visitors together

© Photo archive Nikos Alexandrou


Our vision is to become part of a network of communities combining critical and creative thinking and business innovation in the non-profit sector. KEOS CULTURE and its activities and projects may be part of this quest for the living. Art, music, science and philosophy shall not be seen as something else, but part of this longing for a good life as it was formulated by ancient philosophy and it’s understanding of OIKOS and POLIS.


© Photo archive Nikos Alexandrou

 Kea -  Island of Life and Art

We aim to inspire and connect the local community by:
  • Supporting cultural heritage for the enjoyment, education and wellbeing of locals and visitors
  • Keeping traditional knowledge and skills alive 
  • Fostering the exchange of ideas and values
  • Engaging local people and visitors in a range of cultural events 
  • Providing resources to empower young people
  • Fostering the culture of learning from each other 
  • Providing education and training opportunities
  • Enriching islands' cultural life

© Photo archive Nikos Alexandrou

Social innovation, Arts and Culture

Kea Island Cyclades

84 002 Greece

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