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Ida-Marie Corell is an artist, musical performer, composer and synaesthetic* philosopher.


While her KEOS CULTURE Residency she produced the “KEA COLLAGES SERIES 2018” and performed one of her unique deep sound performance at the “First table in the fields” underneath the oak forest of Kea.



Oak trees. Chickens. Sea. View. Water to swim. Wind. Sound of the wind. Silence. Further greetings of younger and older kind and then it goes down again into one of these white villages. We arrive, we leave the car. Walking. Climbing.  Steep uphill.                      Small white-bordered roads.

Fig trees. Olive trees. Cats. More Cats. Heat.        No wind. Steep stairs. Step by step. Old abandoned houses. Closed windows. White houses. White. Blue. To Kastro a former hotel, a former school, an abandoned house, which is now dedicated to international art and culture. I am touched. I am overwhelmed by its weird beauty. Another view. Another breathtaking view. 

I am the first “artist in residence”.

I am honoured. The first. Inspired and reminded,

I weave myself into the web of this delicacy.

Femininity. Women. Girl. Daughter.


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