© Anna Kowalska

© Anna Kowalska

Kea’s location, with its excellent harbor, makes it an easy stop on the way to anywhere in the Aegean. Four and a half thousand years ago, new styles and new ways of thinking spread over the region from the East, from the area of Troy.  Ayia Irini on Kea participated in this new cultural wave, which was typified by the δέπας αμφικύπελλον, named by Heinrich Schliemann in Troy in the 1870’s. Wherever there was an important place, from Asia Minor to the Cyclades, to the Aegean coast of southern mainland Greece, we find the depas. The depas did not replace existing drinking vessels, but it found its own place alongside them.  It seems designed to be handed from person to person.  We believe that the depas, perhaps more than any other single cultural artifact in Kea’s long history, represents the island’s participation in a broad web of cultural interconnections, making it the perfect symbol of Keos Culture organization. 


John C. Overbeck and Donna May Crego

Kea Island Cyclades

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